HTC could be releasing its second Windows Phone in Q3 2014

The Taiwanese company, HTC, does not seem to be a big fan of the Windows OS, but even so, the second Windows Phone is about to arrive in Q3 of this year. The first model wearing Windows 8 was first known as the HTC Accord and then it changed its name into HTC Windows Phone 8X. It was released at the end of 2012 and its specifications were pointing in a good direction. Today, a new leak informs that the HTC W8 flagship is on the way and it will be wearing Windows 8.1. Another certain information is that it is heading for Verizon. Everything else is just speculations. 

When it comes to Windows Phone devices, Nokia’s name usually comes to mind, namely because the company has been producing Windows Phone handsets almost exclusively for the past couple of years now. However let’s not forget that Microsoft has other OEMs working for them too, such as HTC, and according to a recent tweet by @evleaks, it seems that we can expect HTC to release a Windows Phone handset later this year. @evleaks’ tweet suggests that HTC could be getting ready to release a Windows Phone device on Verizon’s network in Q3 2014. The handset will apparently be named the “HTC W8” and will supposedly be based on the HTC A9 device. For those who aren’t familiar with the HTC A9, this is a device that has yet to be officially revealed, but according to the rumors, it is a mid-ranged device with high-end specs that’s expected to be released in the middle of the year.

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