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HTC Desire 816 receives 450,000 pre-orders in China in under three days

It looks like the Chinese really love what HTC has done with the Desire 816. That’s because the new midrange phablet has already seen 450,000 pre-orders in China in just three days. That’s certainly a lot, and the 500,000 threshold should be passed very soon. Because of the great response to the Desire 816 in China, HTC’s shares went up more than 3% today. The news about HTC and its share price especially has been anything but good over the past few quarters.

Earlier this month, we did mention about how the HTC Desire 816 would arrive in more colors than we originally thought it would, and here we are with word on how the HTC Desire 816 might actually perform in China when it is released in the world’s most populous country. Apparently, this particular mid-range phablet has managed to rack up a whopping 450,000 pre-orders in a matter of three days, and it would not be surprising to hear that the half million mark will be passed in due time. To put it into context, iPhone pre-orders on China Mobile hit the 100,000 mark in just two days, so if one were to extrapolate the same average rate to three days, we would be looking at just 150,000 pre-orders, which is 33% of what the HTC Desire 816 has achieved so far (theoretically speaking, of course).

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