HTC is working on two Nexus devices for Google


It looks like HTC will be returning to Google’s Nexus program this year, and this time it’ll have two devices instead of one. This is according to a respected and well-known leaker by the name of Evan Blass, who claims that HTC is working on two Android N devices for Google, which go by the codenames M1 and S1. HTC developed the first Nexus smartphone back in 2010, as well as a Nexus tablet in 2014, so the company is no stranger to Google’s Nexus program.

There’s a certain prestige that gets bestowed on a company when they become a contributor to Google’s Nexus product portfolio. HTC is no stranger to the Nexus program, having the honor of being the first with the Nexus One, and also offering a tablet with the more recent Nexus 9. In January, we reported that HTC was the frontrunner for this year’s Nexus smartphones and it looks like the rumor is finally taking shape as news arrives that the firm is indeed currently building two handsets for Google. Although details are scarce at this point, Evan Blass has revealed that HTC is in the process of building two Android N devices for Google. Currently the handsets are simply being dubbed ‘M1’ and ‘S1’. The Nexus devices could become a large tipping point for the firm, which has struggled to gain traction with its own devices over the last couple of years.

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