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HTC One M9 reviews are coming in

Considering how much people loved last year’s HTC One (M8), people had high expectations for the successor to HTC’s flagship this year. Now that the initial reviews are coming in we can finally see if HTC managed to meet those expectations and… well… kinda. The biggest problem with the One M9 is that it’s not all that different from the One (M8) which, while not too bad, is kind of boring and underwhelming.

HTC revealed its 2015 smartphone flagship, the One M9, at Mobile World Congress earlier this month. The device was met with a seemingly ‘meh’ reaction at the time, with HTC fans complaining that the device was too similar to its predecessor and worrying about the use of the over-heating Snapdragon 810. This evening, reviews for the HTC One M9 have officially started popping up around the web and they give us a much more in-depth look at what the company has to offer as we head into 2015. It’s no secret that HTC has had its fair share of struggles over the past few years, but since the launch of the One M7 two years ago, the company has slowly been gaining momentum. The issue HTC faces this year, however, is whether or not it can keep innovating at the same rate. In his review, CNET writer Andrew Hoyle addresses concern that HTC perhaps took a year off in innovating in favor of fine-tuning. Hoyle points out that, while the M9 is certainly well-designed and nice to look at, Samsung has caught up this year with its all metal and glass Galaxy S6 flagship.

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