HTC’s new Dot View case is one the coolest accessories out there


HTC’s reputation has gotten quite a boost over the past year or so thanks to its impressive flagship smartphones and its creative accessories, such as its Dot View cases. These cases use small dots to display the time and various notifications using cool 8-bit like designs. As interesting as these cases were, however, they definitely had their issues. Fortunately, HTC has addressed most of these issues with its Dot View 2 case for the HTC One M9, which Phandroid has done a hands-on review for. 

During our Mobile World Congress coverage, we spent a quick minute checking out HTC’s all new and updated cases for the HTC One M9. The Taiwanese manufacturer has made quite a name for themselves thanks to its aluminum flagships, they also happen to be a master of polycarbonate, doing a fantastic job at crafting stylish plastic cases and accessories. Without question, last year’s Dot View cases were probably one of the coolest accessories we’d ever seen on a smartphone. Similar to flip cases, the Dot View cases had perforated cover flaps that display time and notifications in brilliantly animated 8-bit like designs. Our only complaint was while they looked pretty, they didn’t exactly behave themselves in real world use. The cover flap often times wouldn’t sit properly on the One M8 and was extremely awkward to use when flipped behind the device. For 2015, HTC has improved upon this design with their Dot View 2 case for the HTC One M9.

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