Huawei wants to challenge Qualcomm with its new Kirin processors


Huawei isn’t known to many people here in the West, but those of us who are familiar with it know it as one of China’s top smartphone makers, one that also dabbles in the SOC market. Qualcomm is currently the undisputed leader of the mobile application processor market, with MediaTek trailing far behind and Samsung quickly closing the gap, but Huawei has its own SOC line as well, albeit one that’s far less popular than competing SOCs from the aforementioned companies. That’s going to change next month, however, because that’s when Huawei will unveil its next generation Kirin SOCs, which it claims will blow competing SOCs from MediaTek and Qualcomm out of the water.

Samsung and Qualcomm are not the only companies to currently work on introducing a new generation of mobile application processors. Huawei has been offering its Kirin alternatives for several years now, and according to new data from China, Huawei will unveil its next-gen chipset on the 5th day of November. Although sources haven’t specified the exact series of the next-gen chipset, the market expects the SoC to be none other than the Kirin 950. So far we heard great things about the aforementioned AP, including that it will outperform its MediaTek and Qualcomm rivals. The image above was shared on China’s Weibo network earlier today, revealing Huawei’s intentions to officially introduce its next-gen chipset on the 5th day of November. Although there doesn’t seem to be any mention of the Kirin “950”, the image was accompanied by a couple of lines of text claiming that the chipset will be built by TSMC on a 16nm FinFET manufacturing process. It should utilize Cortex-A72 cores, and it will support LTE-A Cat.10. So far this sounds exactly like the fabled Kirin 950, so it’s worth mentioning that the SoC might also utilize an additional four Cortex-A53 cores with big.LITTLE architecture.

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