HugOne is a sleep-monitoring hub for the whole family

HugOne is one of the numerous devices that have popped up over the last few years that aim to help people achieve a better night’s sleep and monitor their health while they do so. While HugOne doesn’t really bring anything new to the table in terms of functionality, it does target families, whereas most devices target individuals. Its goal is to act as a central hub for monitoring the sleep of entire households.

It seems like everyone wants to sleep better. There are already dozens and dozens of apps and gadgets that can help you do that, but the company Sevenhugs has built a product that’s meant to do it for the entire family. Its solution is a hub called HugOne that connects to a number of “Minihugs” that monitor each person’s sleep. Minihugs are placed on the edge of a bed, and once a person is in it, the sensor will monitor when they fall asleep, if they’re rolling over during the night, and when they wake up. All of that information is then relayed to an iOS or Android app. While none of that is new to sleep sensors, Sevenhugs is specifically targeting families, hoping that parents will use HugOne to see how well their young kids are sleeping. Parents will be able to tell how much sleep their kids are actually getting, receive alerts when their kids wake up, and be notified about when it’s a good time to wake a child up based on where they’re at in their sleep cycle.

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