IBM is saving thousands in support costs by using Macs


You could spend hours debating about which operating system is the best for computers, but one undeniably advantage that OS X has over Linux and Windows is its simplicity and stability. The other two operating systems may be much more customizable or support a wider range of software, but OS X is easier to use, and people are less likely to run into issues. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, this is why IBM is saving thousands tens of thousands of dollar in support costs by adopting Macs, with about $270 in savings per Mac.

IBM is benefiting hugely from its internal Mac adoption program, saving about $270 per Mac versus Windows PCs, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in a Tuesday fiscal results call. IBM already has over 30,000 Macs in circulation and is adding about 1,900 more each week, Cook remarked. The savings are allegedly due to reduced support costs. At a JAMF conference earlier this month, IBM claimed that only 5 percent of its Mac users need help desk support, compared with 40 percent of its Windows users. The company is paying a higher upfront cost for Macs, but expects to save money in efficiency and not using as many tech support workers. In July, plans were announced to deploy roughly 50,000 MacBooks at IBM by the end of 2015. Ultimately, the company should hit between 150,000 and 200,000 units. Once rivals, Apple and IBM have developed deep ties since the summer of 2014, when they launched the joint MobileFirst program to sell iOS-based apps and platforms to the enterprise market.

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