IBM launches the IBM Cloud marketplace


IBM has assembled a vast array of hosted cloud services, and now it has somewhere to show them off. On its IBM Cloud online marketplace that goes live on Monday, enterprises can find the full range of IBM’s offerings behind a single gateway. The marketplace has more than 100 hosted IBM applications, as well as middleware components from IBM’s Bluemix platform as a service.

The land of cloud marketplaces just got a new resident — IBM. The tech giant launched Monday the IBM Cloud marketplace, Big Blue’s bid to offer enterprises a seamless transition to cloud and speed the adoption of hybrid clouds. With their ability to combine on-premise and cloud applications, hybrid clouds increasingly are being viewed as the norm. Analyst group Gartner has said 50 percent of enterprises will have hybrid clouds in place within three years. The Cloud marketplace will initially launch services ranging from big data analytics to security and mobile, with provider partners including Zend, SendGrid, MongoDB, NewRelic, Redis Labs, Sonian, Flow Search Corp, Twilio and Ustream. 

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