If Redditors built a house


Reddit Elephant

At the end of the day, the motives are pretty transparent. The marketing department at Movoto heard that Reddit could send mad traffic to their website so they commissioned an infographic to be built that could incorporate their topic, real estate, into a visual representation that could go viral on the site.

It’s unclear whether the ploy was successful, but the end result, the infographic itself, was actually pretty nicely done. It was limited in detail – would have loved to see more of the must have innovations Redditors dreamed of for their no-limits house – but overall it was a pretty strong effort. If it was successful, it would have been due to the reference to the site that many of the users crave (a reference that many of the older users hate, of course). If it failed, it still made a point and probably got at least a little love from the site. Either way, we like how it turned out.

Here’s the infographic. One minor complaint – it’s small, as in not very wide. When building an infographic, be sure it’s at least 600px wide with 1000px being an ideal width. Just sayin’…

Reddit House


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