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Until a while back, the idea of a software that would be able to build websites without the use of pragramming language was still something of the future for the average internet user. Nowadays, we are using the definite product. You want something fast, accessible, complex but not complicated, stylish, versatile, and most importantly, free? Seek no more. Say goodbye to web designers and hello to IM Creator.

IM Creator

With this website maker, you don’t need to waste time learning HTML and CSS or any other weird sounding type of code.

You begin by choosing a template that matches your field of work. They are as numerous as are varied and span over a rich array of fields, such as art, cuisine, travel, design and many more. You can also build everything from zero, it’s up to you. You can start without registering, that can be done later. The base of operations is at the top menu of the dashboard that contains all the elements you need: galleries, videos, social media, slideshows, links, etc.

It works just like an image editor. All you have to do is drag the widgets on the dashboard, and choose fonts and colors. Every single element dragged on the work board takes shape instantly. For those who can’t forsake the habit of finessing details with HTML, there’s also a frame element in which you can run wild with code details. Of course, it can be put anywhere just by dragging, without any other change needed. Creating a site is a matter of merely minutes, and should you have difficulties, their customer support team is made of professional web designers who are at your disposal, if the FAQ section or forum don’t give you the answers you need.

Create a Website

There are also tutorials available, as a video guide and a pdf manual, and some step by step walkthroughs for certain procedures, such as changing domain names, so I would say the service is accessible even for kids.

IM Creator Support

While the service is free, it offers hosting services for very convenient prices, starting from $5.95 per month for a three year contract. You can even have your site hosted for free, at the cost of certain features, out of which the most important is the custom domain availability.

Considering the numbers of features combined and the services offered, IM Creator is no doubt one of the top free web builders on the market.

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[This was a sponsored review for IM Creator]
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