Images and specs of Apple’s 12-inch iPad Plus have been leaked


Rumors of a 12-inch tablet from Apple have been popping up like crazy and the latest such rumor, which comes from China, claims that Apple’s 12.9-inch behemoth of a tablet will go by the name of the Apple iPad Plus. These rumors were accompanied by what are claimed to be leaked images and specs of the upcoming device. 

According to a post seen on Weibo, Apple will be calling its large-screened tablet the Apple iPad Plus. This would be in line with the naming scheme started with the Apple iPhone 6 Plus phablet. We are about to unleash on you a number of specs and images of this device, but we caution you to take this all with a grain of salt. Based on the post, the Apple iPad Plus will feature a 12.9-inch screen with 2K resolution. The slate will be thin at 7mm, and will weigh less than 700 grams. That compares with the 6.1mm thickness of the smaller 9.7-inch Apple iPad Air 2, and the latter’s weight of 437 grams. The battery, at 11000mAh, has about a 50% larger capacity than the cell used on the current top-of-the-line Apple tablet. Protective cases will be produced for the iPad Plus.

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