Images and specs of HTC’s next flagship have been leaked


HTC released the One M7 back in 2013, the One M8 back in 2014, and the One M9 last year, so it would be safe to assume that this year’s HTC flagship will be called the One M10, right? Well, the company definitely reinforced this assumption by teasing its next flagship on Twitter with the #powerof10 hashtag, but according to both @evleaks and @OnLeaks, who are two of the most trusted leakers in the world at the moment, HTC’s next flagship will simply be called the HTC 10. Leaked images of the device show that it’s not going to copy the iPhone’s design, which many people were worried would become a trend for HTC after the release of the One A9, and the alleged specs of the HTC 10 are about what you’d expect from a high-end smartphone in 2016.

You know how HTC has been teasing their next flagship device on Twitter with a hashtag of #powerof10? I think it’s fair to say that most of us thought that was pointing to the name of the phone being “One M10,” after HTC spent three years going M7, M8, and M9. As it turns out, HTC may drop the “One M” moniker and go with a much simpler “HTC 10,” according to both @onleaks and @evleaks. HTC dropping the “One M” naming scheme is probably a good idea. For one, it never did really catch on the same way Samsung’s “Galaxy S” naming series has. It always felt like HTC didn’t know what to do to distinguish One phones from one year to the next and so they just tossed the codename for each onto the back-end, sometimes with parenthesis and sometimes without. And second, the “One M” series certainly hasn’t been any sort of success, so now is probably a good time to abandon it. Alright, so with name potentially out of the way, let’s talk about what the phone looks like. The image at the top of this post arrives courtesy of @evleaks, who seems to be having a friendly “who can reveal more” battle going on at the moment with @onleaks over the HTC 10. The images are official press renders, showing all angles of the phone from front to back, side, and top to bottom. There are no surprises now in terms of the HTC 10’s appearance.

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