Images and specs of the BlackBerry Windermere have been leaked

The BlackBerry Windermere is a handset that we have been hearing about lately. It’s an interesting device since it features a display with an aspect ratio of 1:1, making the phone appear to be very oddly shaped. Now thanks to photos obtained by the folks at N4BB, we now have another look at the Windermere along with some of its rumored specs. Now we should note that the device has yet to be made official, so do take these specs with a grain of salt for now. For starters the display of the Windermere is said to be at least 4-inches.

Rumblings of a new BlackBerry device codenamed “Windermere” have been floating around since last year, but today may be the day that we finally get our first look at the keyboard-clad phone. N4BB has shared images of what it says are the BlackBerry Windermere, also thought to go by the model number Q30. The squarish device looks to have a rather large display and a physical keyboard on its face. It’s said that the Windermere has a stainless steel band wrapping around its outer edge along with volume keys on its right side. One unique feature that the Windermere may offer is a capacitive keyboard. It’s said that users will be able to swipe from right to left on the QWERTY to delete words. Additionally, users may be able to rotate the Windermere into landscape mode and use the keyboard to scroll while in the browser.

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