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Images of Samsung’s high-end Galaxy Tab S tablet line have surfaced

Samsung’s been rumored for weeks to be working on a new line of high-end tablets called the Galaxy Tab S, and now there’s finally a bit of real evidence. These photos purportedly show the Tab S in all its glory. They come from SamMobile, the same Samsung-obsessed blog that originally spotted the elusive SM-T800 tablet in April. Among the Samsung Galaxy Tab S’s specs is a rumored 10.5-inch 2560 x 1600 AMOLED display, which would make it Samsung’s first AMOLED-equipped tablet since the Galaxy Tab 7.7 in 2012.

We recently published exclusive info on Samsung’s upcoming tablet with an AMOLED display, the Galaxy Tab S. The Galaxy Tab S will come in 8.4-inch and 10.5-inch variants and will be Samsung’s return to OLED tablets after the Galaxy Tab 7.7 back in 2011, and today, we have the first live photos of the 10.5-inch variant. As you can see, the tablet looks pretty similar to the Galaxy TabPRO/NotePRO 10.1 tablet Samsung launched earlier this year, but the display itself is an OLED unit instead of LCD. The pictures don’t exactly show the vivid colors and contrast we expect from AMOLED displays, though that shouldn’t be the case in actual usage. The hard home button in the middle doesn’t look anything special, but as we had revealed, it will have an integrated fingerprint sensor that will work the same way as it does on the Galaxy S5, with features such as quick multi-user login, screen unlocking, PayPal payments, and more.

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