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Images of the upcoming LG G4 Note have been leaked

Obviously LG is working on some big Android smartphones for 2015, but we still don’t know much about them. Everything we have to go on now comes from leaks and the latest such leak has given us some images of what is claimed to be the company’s LG G4 Note phablet. The device is supposedly a lot like Samsung’s Galaxy Note and will be directly competing with the device, as well as Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus.  

A new set of photos published on XDA Developers claim to show LG’s upcoming G4 Note flagship smartphone. The images show a device with design similar to that of the G Flex 2, which was unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this year, but with a stylus. It’s unclear if the device shown in these leaked images has an all metal body like reports have claimed the LG flagship will offer. One notable quality of the design, however, is that a stylus for the device appears to be located at the top left of the phone. This lends credit to the possibility that these images are of the G4 Note, not the standard G4. The G4 Note is said to be a higher-end device than the G4, similar to what Samsung offers with its Galaxy Note phablet line-up. Some, however, have suggested that what appears to be the stylus is actually just an antenna.

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