Images of unannounced HP tablets get leaked on the internet

HP released quite a few tablets during 2013, including the Slate 7, Slate8 Pro and Slate10HD. It looks like Hewlett-Packard plans to continue pumping the marketplace full of slates in 2014, as a new leak has revealed a some unannounced HP-branded tablets. A new report from @evleaks contains images of previously-unseen HP tablets. Included in the batch of five shots are the fronts of black and white devices, the red backside of a unit with a Beats Audio tattoo, and then two images of another tablet painted in silver and gold hues.

Just last week we caught wind that HP could be working on a new tablet called the HP Slate 8 Plus. This is thanks to a listing on the WiFi Alliance website which revealed the device’s name and some of its specs. While we have no way of confirming whether or not the device is real, @evleaks has recently posted some photos of an unannounced HP tablet which could be the tablet in question, or at least one of them. The photos of the tablets leaked are different from one another. In one photo it shows a red colored tablet with Beats Audio, while other tablets did not feature it. Some of the designs in question also look more like phones than tablets, thanks to the elongated body, but unfortunately we can’t be sure as to which device could be the HP Slate 8 Plus, at least upon first glance.

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