In case you missed the Microsoft Surface launch, here’s the (uncomfortable) video


Microsoft Surface Video

“A tablet that’s a great PC. A PC that’s a great tablet.”

The jury is still waiting to hear all of the evidence. The reviewers are dying to get their hands all over the device. The bloggers have opinions that are, to some extent, biased based upon their opinion of Microsoft. Love it or hate it, Microsoft has generated the type of buzz that they were once able to enjoy and that Apple has taken in recent years.

The Windows 8 device has many unique features. While you wait to see what the device will actually do, here’s the full launch video from yesterday’s press event. One thing that should be noted is that many of the presenters were nervous, unprepared (or possibly over-prepared), and we not able to generate the “pop” that we’ve grown accustomed to with launches by certain Microsoft competitors. That doesn’t mean a thing when the device is actually in the market and really doesn’t even take away from the buzz generated by the specs and features, but it didn’t help.

  1. The auto cue doesnt help! And listening to Balmer you would think this is the first ever tablet!

  2. Wow….that was really awkward. Especially when IE bombed and he tried to hide it, and get a new unit!

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