In Case You’re Still Waiting For a White iPhone: Keep Waiting

whiteiphone4spring925mac copy

whiteiphone4spring925mac copy

According to the fine print on new placards showing up in Apple stores, the white iPhone is headed to a waiting hand near you… this coming spring, as photomographed by 9to5Mac.

This is, of course, assuming your waiting hand is still in fact waiting for a white iPhone 4. I’ve heard of diehard fans waiting for particular iterations of a product before, but frankly, if you’ve held out for a version of a cellular phone this long – just so you can get dirt in all the crevices and quickly turn it into a brown iPhone 4 – then I have nothing but praise for your clearly iron will. You are an epic man/woman with whom no one should mess.

Interestingly, there are still no cluse as to why the iPhone in white is so damn late; surely Apple doesn’t honestly expect an explosion of sales all over again – no one I know is that excited about it. What about you?

What do you think?

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