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google tv adsSurprise, Surprise, Google doesn’t like sitting twiddling it’s thumbs for too long. With eleventy billion dollars in the bank and the search market all sewn up, what’s a multinational conglomerate to do other than invade, conquer and plunder other markets?

The latest, if not most obvious area of interest for Google is TV. While some believe that sites like Hulu will eventually signal the death of TV as we know it, Google wants to begin working on it from the other side with it’s most recent acquisition, Invidi Technologies, a company working on “addressable” TV ads.

Yep, if TV advertising wasn’t annoying and intrusive enough already, someone out there is trying to make it annoying and intrusive AND targeted.

Using data from set top boxes and presumably spy cams that watch you in your own home, Google is pursuing the idea of TV advertising specifically aimed at you. Imagine that ShamWow Douchebag yelling at you directly and you get an idea of just how bad this could be.

Of course, its all a long way off, and only in the trial period, but hopefully this NEVER becomes a reality.

Source: All Things Digital

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