Indiegogo and Healbe accused of crowdfunding fraud

The Indiegogo campaign for miracle calorie-counting wristband, “GoBe,” officially ended. Absent any last minute fraud prevention action by PayPal or the major credit card issuers,  Moscow-based Healbe is about to receive somewhere in the ballpark of $1,100,000 from users of the crowd-funding platform. For weeks, Pando has been reporting the seemingly endless red flags around the campaign, and Indiegogo’s flat refusal to do anything to protect their users from what every expert agrees is a clear scientific fraud. 

We previously reported on the questions surrounding Moscow-based company Healbe’s Indiegogo campaign for its GoBe activity tracker. The crowdfunding venture, which recently breached the $1 million mark in spite of negative media scrutiny, has prompted both Healbe and Indiegogo to answer allegations of fraud and negligence. The wearable device, which claims to measure calories through your skin and track your glucose in a non-invasive manner, has been dismissed as a scam in some circles. Indiegogo and Healbe are answering dissenting voices and ensuring backers that everything’s above board. 

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