Indiegogo completely revamps its website design

Lots of companies claim they put their users first, but Indiegogo is trying to prove it. The crowdfunding platform is changing its website design and logo to feature a different Indiegogo campaign each time someone visits the site. The new logo, which was first revealed last week at an event in San Francisco, is an attempt to put users at the forefront, says Shannon Swallow, head of marketing and communications at Indiegogo.

Indiegogo has just revealed a huge redesign that updates its look and feel for the first time in a couple of years. The new look brings with it an optimized experience for mobile and tablet, which Indiegogo has never had before. Previously, campaign owners and funders had to use desktop web on their mobile devices to update something on the go or do some mobile shopping. But according to founder Slava Rubin, more and more traffic is coming from mobile. “We wanted to evolve the consumer experience,” said Rubin, showing me a brand new Indiegogo logo. Instead of the old cross-hatched pink and teal symbol, the new Indiegogo logo is a constantly updating reflection of all the best campaigns going on on the site at that very moment.

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