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Insert Classless Joke About ‘Computers’ and ‘Running’



Gabriel Dishaw knows what beef is. Culling tech refuse for old circuit boards, processors, and other obsolete throw-away-ables, Gabe recombobulates them into – what else? – shoes. There’s really not much to say about these that you can’t already divine from these photographs, including but not limited to the fact that Dishaw has chosen an extremely odd artistic fixation, if a rad one. You’re currently looking at the ‘Junk Dunk’. Cute.

In all seriousness, I’d totally rock a pair of these. Comfort schmomfort, am I right, people? It’s the price we pay for totally pimp kicks. Apparently, though, Dishaw is working on a wearable version, so maybe we should all just hold off for a bit. In the meantime, though, shoe enthusiasts can visit Dishaw’s site to have their eyes filled with shoes made of waste.





[Via This Blog Rules]

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