Instagram goes down just in time to ruin all the Coachella selfies

If you had problems seeing what’s new on Instagram Saturday, you weren’t alone. As reported by Recode, Instagram was unavailable for a time due to an apparent “feed delivery issue” as a tweet posted to the company’s Twitter account put it. No photos of that waffle breakfast your friends had. No photos of pets curled up in bed. No bad selfies. No photos from Coachella. The horror! What’s an Instagram user to do?

For a new-ish dad like myself, checking my Instagram feed on a Saturday afternoon can be a cruel, self-punishing act. Photos of a friend at a boozy New York brunch. Photos of younger relatives partying on a Friday night. Selfies of West Coast friends attempting to twerk at the Coachella music festival. But someone must be looking out for me this Saturday, because the photo-sharing service has been down for well over an hour, as of 1:15 pm ET. Neither the website nor the iPhone app are working. Which means I have time to fix the stroller lock that hasn’t been working for the past six months. Instagram said in a tweet shortly before 1 pm ET that it was working on the problem.

What do you think?

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