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When a group of people from a business begin to engage in ways of promoting their businesses what are some of the ways that pop into their heads right away? Some think through commercials other through billboards and some might think by putting ads in the newspaper and magazines. But in today’s fast paced business world you need a platform that will be able to effectively communicate in a fast manner with customers if you want a good turnout for your business.

So as you hear these tips what do you immediately think, Facebook, twitter, or other social media platforms. Well the answer is the newer social media network called Instagram. This platform uses pictures and #Hashtags to get their name out and to promote new products, and other things the business has to offer.

Many social media experts say that running an instagram page will be the key factor of whether or not your business will be mediocre or a powerhouse. Some helpful tips according to the infographic done by Gold Coast Design Studio say that small businesses should promote their products, engage with their followers, competitions and giveaways, let customers see behind the scenes, and to use #hashtags. People want to see what your company has to offer to post pictures of your products and what they have to offer.

This is a quick and effective way of sharing your products, because the customers can directly see what products you offer wherever they are because you always have to remember customers might skip over a link to a product picture for reasons such as the link might take too long to load on their mobile device or it might just not entice them to click on the link. As well as people like to see the physical product as well as what it has to offer before making the decision to buy it and this platform makes it quick and simple.

According to the infographic done by Gold Coast Design Studio small businesses should incorporate various customers in with their advertising strategies to boost sales of their products as well as getting their products more recognized. Customers like to feel wanted and appreciated by the company their buying stuff from so posting fan photos, replying to their questions and comments in a polite timely manner will also be the stepping stone for building brand loyalty for customers to your business.

Showing the customers that their ideas are being heard will not only bring that customer back but also that customer will hopefully tell his friends and this will create traffic on the instagram page which ultimately will create revenue for your company.

We all know people love free stuff, so for a small business to occasionally engage in a giveaway or a competition to win free stuff will bring more awareness about your company. I’m not telling you to have a giveaway once a week, but having one once a month will do the job in enticing people to view the instagram page more often. Another thing small business can engage in while posting on instagram are posting pictures of things employees are doing in the office.

Give your customers a taste of what goes on during the course of the day in your business and show them how friendly and caring you are. Finally, always remember to use #hashtags these are a great way to keep up with who is buying your products and it is also a stellar way to get your name out on a global scale!

Instagram as a business itself was climbing the ranks to the top social media platform until Facebook bought it for nearly twice what it was worth at the time. Instantly off the bat instagram was a homerun for people of all ages and for businesses using is the correct way. This social media platform was such a hit were it had two of the biggest platforms in the social media game (Twitter and Facebook) fighting over the rights to buy this network. If Instagram was never bought out it would solely be the top social media network in the game today.

If social networks such as facebook and twitter are fighting over it you must assume it to be good.  So as your small business thinks of ways to advertise, turn towards instagram because in this fast-paced world more people are checking social media then television for advertisements. A picture is worth a thousand words and a small business should make it count to be successful in this highly competitive world! Always remember great social media will go a long way and very prosperous for businesses if they choose to join the social media scene. Remember small businesses need a form of advertising to keep up with big businesses and instagram is the perfect way to get your name out in this high volume social media world.

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