Intel unveiled two next-generation processors at Gamescom


Intel’s Skylake CPUs are considered by many to be the true replacement to the company’s Haswell series of processors so it was exciting to see the company unveil two new 14nm desktop Skylake CPUs at Gamescom in Germany yesterday. Unfortunately for the more budget-concious consumers out there, both of these processors are geared towards enthusiasts and gamers, which means they’ll be incredibly powerful but equally expensive. 

Intel introduced its 6th-generation “Skylake” CPUs on Wednesday, but for most consumers it’s just a dream. At Gamescom in Germany, Intel unveiled two new 14nm desktop Skylake CPUs aimed at PC enthusiasts and gamers. Expectations are running high for Skylake, which is a “tock” in Intel’s processor roadmap. For years Intel has worked on a “tick, tock” cadence for CPUs: Ticks are used to introduce new process changes and bring fairly conservative improvements, while the follow-on tocks are expected to bring a performance boost. The two Skylake CPUs include the 4GHz Core i7-6700K and the Core i5-6600K. Both are quad-core, desktop chips, with the key differentiator being support for Intel’s virtual CPU Hyper-Threading technology.

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