Internet Population Reaches 2 Billion

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Man w mobilephone2010 is a big year for the internet. The number of people browsing the world wide web will reach and surpass 2 billion, nearly a third of the world’s population.

That number has doubled in the past five years alone, with 226 million new internet users this year alone.

The International Telecommunication Union released figures highlighting the importance of the internet, particularly in developing nations.

The figures show that 71% of people in developed countries are online, compared with only 21% in developing nations.

The ITU says it’s particularly important for developing countries to utilize broadband, not only to download the latest episode of Glee at the fastest possible speed, but to build growth and build economies.

The nature of the internet is what is encouraging growth at such a rate. Ten years ago a desktop PC, monitor, mouse and keyboard was required, and then you needed an ethernet cable to plug into it.

These days a phone or tablet can pickup a 3G or 4G signal and you’re away.

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