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Interview with RIM CEO discusses the cataclysmic downfall of the company

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In some ways, it’s simply a matter of circumstance. In others, it was missteps on their part that have contributed to their slow demise. Research In Motion is in the kind of deep trouble that companies as dominant as they were not too long ago rarely find themselves in so quickly.

In an exclusive interview with CIO, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins breaks down the state of the company and the future of BlackBerry. Here’s a quote that exemplifies much of what is happening:

“What also happened, in the U.S., was the drive to 4G started, and it got accelerated. Carriers were actually leapfrogging from what they wanted to do with 3G, like HSPA+. They leapfrogged and put a lot of investment into 4G LTE. I think we weren’t ready for it.”

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