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Introducing Ingress a MMORPG for Android phones


Google has brought us a brand new addiction and it is not a new mobile device, search engine or social network, instead this time around they are tapping into the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing gaming community with their new launch of their MMORPG, Ingress.

Some may be a bit skeptical about this game, especially those who are hard core gamers and with the brand new release of Halo 4, Google’s BETA released version of Ingress could be poor timing, however, the one advantage Ingress does have is that it is only available via an Android phone therefore making the game accessible anywhere.

Ingress, transforms the real world into an online escape into mystery, competition and intrigue. Interestingly, Ingress (meaning “In Places”) literally turns the world into the platform of the game by using your Android device and Ingress app to discover the mystery within the game. You can acquire objects, capture territory, deploy tech and ally with other Ingress players to advance. You will also need to choose a side between Enlightened or Resistance and depending on your choice this will be your ultimate reason for fighting.

This advanced form of gaming allows players to track the progress of other players from around the world and with the use of the Intelligence map, you will be able to strategize your next move and communicate with others globally.

This realistic game changes daily and with the help of NianticProject  (Ingress  game creator) you will be able to access the investigation board that supplies cryptic codes and clues. Everyday awaits you with something new to unlock depending on your skills.

In order for you to save the world you must not do it alone. You need to form alliances and work with other people from around the world using the cooperation from communities, cities, countries and neighborhoods in order to complete the missions.

The game Ingress is based on places (hence its name) is dependent on other people’s locations in order for you to defeat the opposing side and claim victory in this socially place based MMORPG, for the world is not what it seems.

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