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iOS 8 users will be able to scan their credit cards to enter in the info

When it comes to shopping on our mobile devices, it can get pretty tricky as the screens are small, so when it comes to filling up your personal information like shipping address, credit card details, it can be a bit hard, at least compared to using a computer with a full sized keyboard and a larger display. Well with iOS 8, Apple is hoping to make your shopping a bit easier. Apple announced iOS 8 earlier this week and together with iOS 8, they have announced a newer version of Safari as well. However one of the features Apple did not mention was that Safari for iOS 8 came with a built-in camera that will allow users to scan their credit cards.

In iOS 8, Apple has a new feature in Safari that allows users to scan a credit card with the device’s camera rather than manually entering the number when making a purchase online. When entering a credit card number into a form online to, for example, make a purchase, Safari already allowed users to quickly select credit cards stored in its Passwords & AutoFill settings. You can still do that, but in iOS 8 you’ll now also have the option to select “Scan Credit Card” and snap a picture of the card. Apple then uses optical character recognition of sorts to input the number into the text field in Safari. Website developers don’t have to do anything to enable the feature, as Safari appears to automatically detect when a credit card number is being requested and presents the option to scan above the keypad. Safari received some other updates announced this week at WWDC too, including a redesign in OS X Yosemite on the Mac, and highly requested features on iOS like the ability to request a desktop siteand a tab view for iPad.

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