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iPad 4 may soon replace the iPad 2 as Apple’s low-end tablet

According to an earlier rumor, it has been suggested that Apple could be gearing up to release another variant of the iPhone 5c, except that this model will come with 8GB of storage which is even lower than the default storage from before which was at 16GB. We’re not sure why Apple would want to release an iPhone 5c with even less storage space, but chances are that it will be priced cheaper, which would then make it more appealing to those shopping on a budget. 

Indications from several sources (including our own) indicate that the iPhone 5c is set to see an expansion tomorrow with a less-expensive, lower-capacity 8GB model. But that might not be the only Apple iOS device announcement for tomorrow. According to a source, shipments of Apple’s fourth-generation iPad with Retina display have been arriving at Apple Stores with notices to not open until tomorrow (images below)… KGI last month forecasted that the 4th generation iPad would replace the iPad 2 in Apple’s $399 low-end 9.7-inch slot. It appears that the transition might be happening tomorrow.

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