iPad Craze Continues As Best Buy Inventory Numbers Leak


ipad 2

Those who were bold enough to place pre-orders for the iPad should rest assured — their hardcore love for Apple products will be rewarded soon enough. For the rest of us, however, the question of availability becomes the talk of the Web.

Recently leaked inventory numbers from Best Buy paints the picture, and we would not be surprised to see inventory quickly flying off the shelf.

In plain English: each Best Buy store that will have iPad devices will have five 16GB models, five 32GB, and five 64GB models — that means there will be a total of 15 iPads available at participating store locations.

If you are so inclined to purchase an iPad as soon as humanly possible, you might want to get out to Best Buy as early as possible to pick one of these up. There will be lines.

Regardless, in three to four weeks there will likely be sufficient inventory in stores and numerous reviews to make a better purchasing decision — also, the world will continue to exist if you don’t buy one immediately (we think).

[via GadgetVenue]
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