iPad Suits – Because You’ll Need Both Hands for the Ladies



I bet you’ve been wondering how to most stylishly deal with life’s big question: ‘But where do I put my iPad?’

Lucky for you, Mohan’s of New York has you covered, offering dapper power suits that conveniently stow your most magical possession. These are almost as sexy as the tablet itself.

Okay, so ‘convenient’ is a matter of perspective, I guess. Have you ever tried hiding a large book under your jacket? It isn’t exactly a party. And an iPad sure is more fragile than a book. And it probably totally shows through the front of the suit a bit. And I bet it unevenly weights your jacket, leaving you to tug uncomfortably at the collar all day. And it probably sucks if you try to sit down with an iPad in your jacket. And, perhaps worst of all, how the hell do you expect to show off your iPad with it hiding in your jacket, anyway?

Then again, you don’t want to look like a total sissy with an iPurse, do you?

Yeah, s’what I thought. iPad suit it is.

[Via Trendhunter]
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