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iPad’s First Spyware is Intentional. Er, what?



It was only a matter of time before the iPad started seeing spyware surface. But I, for one, sure couldn’t have guessed it’d be like this.

Mobile Spy is an app (I use the term loosely – I’ll explain in a moment) that allows an individual to collect the usage data of the target device, be it an iPad, Android phone, Blackberry, or Windows Mobile device, and view it via an online account.

Said James John, CEO of Retina-X, the company behind the software:

“Any device that can browse the Internet or send email can lead to unauthorized activities. Before now there was no method to monitor activities of children or employees on the iPad. Being the first to develop this technology, we will continue expanding with new features for this tool by recording GPS positions, photos, notes and more.”

A $100-a-year subscription fee combined with the fact that Mobile Spy only works on a jailbroken iPad is really making me scratch my head, here. So, let me get this straight, Retina-X: you want me to crack my firmware, void my warranty, load up a third-party app, and send you not only my money, but my confidential information (or, rather, other people’s) to your servers?

…Sign me up!

[Via PR Newswire]

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