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It’s another day in the tech world, and, as one would expect, that means there are more Apple rumors being spread throughout the Internet. There are quite a few (three, to be exact). With the iPhone 5 rumored to be a heavily upgraded device, any of these are a possibility, but some of them have even shocked me.

The first rumor is that Apple is working on an “iPhone Nano,” which would be produced in tangent with the iPhone 5. There are a vast amount of reasons why I think this would be a horrible idea, but the fact remains that it could come true. This version of the iPhone has been rumored to work on several networks, has a global SIM, and will be smaller and significantly cheaper than the iPhone 5. Also, carriers might be able to subsidize the entire cost of the phone (meaning it could be free). I refuse to believe it, even though Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal have confirmed it.

The next rumor is brand new and is insisting that the iPhone 5 will feature a 4-inch screen instead of the current 3.7-inch form factor. There is nothing genuinely shocking about this rumor, and I would be glad to see it come to reality, as I think bigger is better in a world where phones keep getting smaller and smaller. Interestingly, this change could be to distinguish the iPhone 5 from the “iPhone Nano” (if it comes to be). But this rumor seems like a real possibility.

The last rumor is also one that is brand new, and it is also a rumor I am tempted to completely discredit from the start. It states that the iPhone 5 will have a slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Considering that Apple has always been one to argue the value of virtual-touch keyboards, I’m going to say that this is very unlikely to come true, even if Apple has tested a model that features a physical keyboard.

To wrap it up, I have one final rumor that I have personally created: the iPhone 5 will be awesome. (Tell your friends!)

What do you think?

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James Mowery is a passionate technology journalist and entrepreneur who has written for various top-tier publications like Mashable and CMSWire. Follow him on Twitter: @JMowery.

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