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iPhone Heads Back to Basics

iphone4 2up front side 420 90

iphone4 2up front side 420 90

Apparently the iPhone 4 was simply too much awesome. The world wasn’t ready. Or maybe, Apple wasn’t. Whatever the case, Taiwan’s Economic Daily News is reporting that Apple’s heading back to aluminum (instead of glass) for the iPhone 5, championing a design that harkens back to the bog-standard iPod Touch.

The problem is probably more about the painting and scratching fiascos the iPhone 4’s been experiencing and much less about the world’s level of preparedness, but I for one am sad to see the new iPhone design go so soon (if the rumour is first to be trusted at all). The iPhone 4 was following a rather sexy, sophisticated design trend in Apple’s products – this design would seem to be a step backwards for Apple’s product design department. Then again, the very definition of modernism would have form follow function. Perhaps it’s just the way it is.

Speaking of function, allegedly the new design will be ditching the death grip by making the Apple log itself the antenna. Smart.

What do you think?

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