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Iran blocks Instagram for 12 hours before unblocking it

Commonly known as the “Filternet”, Iran’s internet censorship system was put in place to implement government restrictions on internet browsing despite President Hassan Rouhani’s promises of more Internet freedom. The latest victim of the Filternet was Instagram which was blocked for approximately 12 hours before being unblocked. 

For approximately 12 hours, Instagram became the latest apparent victim of Iran‘s Internet censorship system commonly known as the “Filternet.” The blocking of Instagram was initially reported by Iranian netizens early Sunday, and later confirmed by independent researchers. Instagram appeared to be the latest casualty of Iran’s most recent online clampdown — despite promises of more Internet freedom by the new government of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani. Then just a few hours later, the photo-sharing network was unblocked, and Iranian officials denied any wrongdoing.

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