Is Ashton Kutcher the best choice to play Steve Jobs?


Kutcher Jobs

Ashton Kutcher will play Steve Jobs in indie pic Jobs.

There is a certain cohesive fit with having Ashton Kutcher play Steve Jobs. He’s smart, has roots in technology and good investments, and made mistakes in his career that have made him stronger. The only real problem is whether or not he has the acting chops to be able to pull off playing a tech icon like Jobs.

Joaquin PhoenixHis mentality is right. The once-king of Twitter has moved on to other endeavors, but he still has a stronger tie to Silicon Valley than most actors. His look and voice simply don’t seem to be a match. The goal is to suspend disbelief when playing a person much in the way that Joaquin Phoenix did in Walk the Line when he played music icon Johnny Cash. He was able to emulate Cash in ways that combined the edgy mentality with a well-matched voice and similar look.

Ashton Kutcher simply doesn’t have the right look and he has never used a voice different from his natural one which doesn’t match Jobs at all.

I hope it’s good. I hope Kutcher can pull it off. I’m just skeptical.

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