Is BYOD the unstoppable flaw in small business tech?


Bring Your Own Device

The rise of gadgets easily available to the workforce combined with the growing trend towards mobile offices (unless you work at Yahoo, of course) has made the Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) a common practice in business, particularly for small businesses. It saves money. People are more comfortable using devices of their choosing. It’s practical almost all the way around.

These perceived benefits, however, are not so beneficial to the IT people in small business. BYOD poses many problems from security to compatibility and forces them to have to troubleshoot a much wider array of problems than the IT people working for companies that supply devices to the entire company. With Gartner predicting that 90% of small businesses will allow BYOD by the end of 2014, IT professionals need to get used to the concept.

This infographic by Webroot explores the rise and the statistics behind it, pointing towards a unattractive reality that it’s going to happen whether the IT people get their objections heard or not.

BYOD Infographic


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