Is Greer’s Sirius alien real?


Greer's Alien

Either there’s a reasonable explanation for it all or “Ata” is the greatest biological find in human history. Steven Greer’s “alien”, a 6-inch tall corpse found in the Atacama Desert of Chili a decade ago, Was revealed Monday in a documentary called Sirius that left many extraterrestrial-life enthusiasts disappointed.

Spoiler ahead.

junrey-balawing-2The results of the DNA testing as well as other tests and the expert opinions of the results show that the little body was that of a human, specifically a 7-year old child born from a Chilean mother. As tiny as the corpse is, it’s clear to see that this was no ordinary human boy. It wouldn’t be the first tiny human as can be seen in the image above of Junrey Balawing. He was 18-years-old in the image and stood at 23.5 inches tall.

The documentary does go into details about space and inter-dimensional travel and highlights the importance of understanding the possibilities surrounding life from other planets or dimensions. It takes a political turn and discusses how an oil-based world economy and corruption at the highest levels of government around the world prevent the human race from realizing these possibilities, even covering them up.

That should be enough to keep the alien conspiracy theorists at least a little happy with the end result even if the documentary does little to show that the body is that of an extra-terrestrial.

The documentary was driven for the most part by Greer, a former ER doctor who formed the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and The Disclosure Project.

Here’s the trailer for the documentary followed by an analysis video from UFO enthusiast goforitrandy.

Here are some images of the alien/boy:

Little Alien

Sirius Alien

Tiny Alien Skull

Alien CT Scan

Alien X-Ray

Greer's Sirius Alien

ATA 6-Inch Alien


  1. HAVING THE RAW MATERIALS AND RIGHT CONDITIONS TO SUSTAIN LIFE doesn’t mean that life can originate by chance or from non-living matter.

    Proteins can’t come into existence unless there’s life first! Miller, in his famous experiment in 1953, showed that individual amino acids (the building blocks of life) could come into existence by chance. But, it’s not enough just to have amino acids. The various amino acids that make-up life must link together in a precise sequence, just like the letters in a sentence, to form functioning protein molecules. If they’re not in the right sequence the protein molecules won’t work. It has never been shown that various amino acids can bind together into a sequence by chance to form protein molecules. Even the simplest cell is made up of many millions of various protein molecules.

    Also, what many don’t realize is that Miller had a laboratory apparatus that shielded and protected the individual amino acids the moment they were formed, otherwise the amino acids would have quickly disintegrated and been destroyed in the mix of random energy and forces involved in Miller’s experiment.

    There is no innate chemical tendency for the various amino acids to bond with one another in a sequence. Any one amino acid can just as easily bond with any other. The only reason at all for why the various amino acids bond with one another in a precise sequence in the cells of our bodies is because they’re directed to do so by an already existing sequence of molecules found in our genetic code.

    A partially-evolved cell (an oxymoron) can’t wait million of years for chance to make it complete and then become living!

    Please read my popular Internet articles listed below:


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    Babu G. Ranganathan*
    (B.A. theology/biology)


    * I have had the privilege of being recognized in the 24th edition of Marquis “Who’s Who In The East” for my writings on religion and science, and I have given successful lectures (with question and answer time afterwards) defending creation from science before evolutionist science faculty and students at various colleges and universities.

  2. Yep, science certainly 100% supports creation. There is absolutely no way that an intelligent life could form through random chance. Creation is the ONLY possible answer.

    My only problem with it, and it really is such a small problem that it hardly bears mentioning, is this: who created the creator? I mean, if some hyper intelligent being created us (and entropy proves he [or she or it] had to be more intelligent than us), then there had to be an even more intelligent being that created that being.

  3. I cannot help but agree with Matt. All these interesting theories but, that is all they are.

    Heidegger questioned everything. “What caused that, to cause that and what caused that. I wonder also “who created the creator”

    Pondering with fascination.

  4. i’m not sure if Matt and Babu and Jesse are trolling or are just american but science supports atheism and disproves religion. what are you guys on about. science proves dinosaurs existed millions of years ago through carbon dating. evolution has been proven. and as for the alien i’m not sure if hoax just for the doco money but its not proof of any creator its small and died because it didn’t evolve on earth. i just cant stand when people mix religion and science.

  5. @Hunnga, I think a lot about these things and I have come to the conclusion that I really like and was there all along. God created things in a scientific manner. My God is that big and that smart and yes that awesome. Every discovery science makes points to God for me. When I look up at the stars I realize the creator is greater than his creation. My God IS an awesome God!

  6. Really Hunnga? Sarcasm must not exist in your world and you must find it hard to recognize unless concentrating.

    Oh, and before you apply your lovely (Euro centric perhaps?) bias, I am American, I attended one of the top science and engineering institutions in the world, and I am 100% atheist (ok, 99%, the other 1% is Pastafarian).

  7. @Matt. Your concern is a very valid one. In fact, Deism seemed liked the most probable understanding of The Origin of the Universe at one point. But after quite a bit of pondering and reading, it became clear that the ‘infinite series’ problem with causality had to end at a self-existent being. If the creator could be self-existent, why not the Universe itself? So, I came to the conclusion that it is really the failure of the human mind to understand causality(or the lack of it) that makes it so hard to dismiss a creator.

  8. I like to believe that intelligent life can form in different ways; God, intelligent beings, or evolution. How mankind came to be is still not clear and there is no proof to suggest either way. One theory is God created the world in 7 days. Another is we came into being on our own through millions of years of evolution. Most likely we were created by God like beings for an unknown purpose. Its hard to believe we have no relatives beside the Chimpanzee. I think at one point there were many kinds of humanoid species on this planet to tailor the different environments of the planet. This would include ourselves, giants, dwarfs, mermaids, etc. Whatever happened to the rest of the subspecies we ended up making the genetic nitch. And whatever happened to these “creators” is not clear either but it all ties together in some way. I do believe we’ll find out the truth soon enough in the years to come.

  9. Here’s my thoughts about all this. If ur gonna talk about religion and disregard what other people’s opinions, then maybe u need to study ur religion a little closer. I had once walked in the shoes of being a Christian, but yet still looked up and said how can we be the only ones? And the more I read the old testament, the more I was convinced that aliens do exist. They were trying to teach us peace and respect and the right way of life. And to be one with the universe. And that made me research some other religions and they spoke of the same thing. Just in different words. If u stop and really think about it (or think outside the box) every religion has a chosen one for their people and culture at that time, to guide them into that tranquility. And then the other fallen civilizations has spoken of star people and beings from certain constellations of where GOD came from. The Gnostics bible speaks of this. I read the book of Abraham, and he speaks of the exact star where god lives. So on that note, I do believe in other life forms out there and ur a fool if ur blinded by modern religion and believe what the bible (which has been wrote and rewrote and revised throughout history) says. U have to remember that these people saw and explained to their best abilities. And I think around that time, mankind needed some sort of direction. Who’s to say I’m wrong, or right. There’s so much we need to learn about space and so much more to see. I find it very intriguing and wonderful.

  10. just think, similar dna does not mean HUMAN, it could be a species related to human that is long forgotton and maybe a few still exist…. like “the borrowers”. but the skull shape is too non human. Also very slim, the shape is more in line with descriptions of common ET , that have very slim bodies and relatively large heads

  11. I think that the origin of life is something we can’t ever fully understand; it’s a mutation, probably when amino acids form complex chains over incomprehensible amounts of time and if adaptable conditions apply, life will sprout and continue to progress in complexity and diversity. As far as Sirius goes, the alien figure to me is again, likely a mutation. It’s apparently very old and probably the remains, of a horribly deformed fetus perhaps? Much more findings and proof of such an organism must be discovered before I can believe any extra terrestrial visitation occurrences.

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