Is internet infrastructure improving quickly enough to meet demands?


By 2015

While browsing tech posts on Google Plus (yes, I’m the guy who’s still using G+) I came across an advertorial infographic by Intel discussing the growing needs of the world when it comes to storage and connectivity. The graphic was more of a pitch to use Intel cloud services, but the data portion (image above) got me thinking about a looming challenge.

With data creation, storage, consumption, and sharing growing at such a great pace, will the infrastructure be able to improve quickly enough to meet demand? We’re already seeing signs of increased expenses, systems breaking, and delivery elements being taxed to their failure-risk point. The infrastructure in most technologically-advanced nations are improving but not quite fast enough.

Not to be an alarmist, but are we growing closer to a meltdown of our current internet systems? This is truly a question; I don’t know the answer but I’ll rely on the more intelligent readers to either put my mind at ease or send me running for the hills.

Is failure inevitable?

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