It looks like Android Pay isn’t launching this week after all


An internal memo from McDonald’s was leaked earlier this week which led many of us to believe that Android Pay was going to launch sometime today, but obviously that didn’t actually happen. That isn’t stopping Google’s partners from claiming that they’re accepting the new mobile payments service despite the fact that Google hasn’t even launched it yet. Not only has it not launched, TechCrunch is reporting that it won’t be launching this week or anytime soon. 

Something strange is going on with the rollout of Android Pay. Google’s own partners are under the belief that the company’s second take at a mobile wallet, unveiled earlier this year, is available to consumers right now. McDonald’s recently sent around an internal memo signaling it would launch today, and when I walked over to Subway for lunch moments ago (I know, I know), the above sticker was right on the front door. The Consumerist recently noted that Subway’s website also indicates it’s already supporting Android Pay. One of the biggest fast food chains in the United States is advertising for a service that no one can use — yet. Count Duane Reade among other retailers that’ve apparently missed the memo about Android Pay not being ready, and we’ve also seen signage at Whole Foods. One theory has been that Android Pay would arrive alongside Android 6.0 Marshmallow in the fall. If that’s actually the plan, Google’s retail partners seem very ahead of themselves. The Android Pay app is nowhere to be found in Google Play, and we’ve reached out to Google for comment on whether or not it’s indeed launching in the near future. Earlier today, TechCrunch reported that it’s not due this week. Let’s just say this debut could be going a bit smoother.

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