It looks like Apple is working on a wireless version of its EarPods


As far as bundled hardware goes, the Apple EarPods that come with every iPhone are actually pretty solid. They’re on the low-end side of the earphone market, but they’re still easily one of the most comfortable and durable products in their price range. The company may be making them even better, however, as a recently uncovered patent suggests that Apple is working on something called AirPods, which is implied to be a wireless version of its EarPods. 

Apple could be developing its own brand of wireless earphones, if a recent trademark application is anything to go by. For all Apple’s efforts in the music industry with iTunes, Apple Music, and the acquisition of Beast Audio, it still only produces a fairly mediocre set of wired earphones for its devices. However, based on recent trademark filings, that could be set to change. MacRumours has uncovered evidence that Apple is attempting to trademark the ‘AirPods’ name around the world. This is telling because the company calls its existing earphones ‘EarPods’. The filing makes mention of the AirPods in conjunction with audio accessories, earphones, microphones, wireless communication devices, and similar types of products. So what could these AirPod be? Given the similarity of the name to Apple’s EarPods, it would suggest that a wireless set of earphones is in development at Apple. Admittedly, these trademark filings weren’t actually made by Apple directly, but by Entertainment in Flight, LLC. This is apparently a Delaware company housed at the Corporation Trust Centre.

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