It’s ridiculous how affordable Xiaomi’s newest smartphone is


There aren’t very many things that make me wish I lived in China and not the West, but Xiaomi is chief among them. The company has risen to become one of the most valuable startups in the world, behind only Uber, by selling powerful smartphones at ridiculously low prices. The latest of these smartphones is the Mi 4c, which starts at $200 and features specs that put it on the high-end side of mid-range. 

Dear Mi fans, as we told before, Xiaomi will unveil a new flagship device today. Exciting moments of the launch? Click here. Yes. It is Mi 4c. Honestly, I can’t confirm what the letter “c” means exactly or how many meanings it indicates. It could mean China, as they both have the same initial letter; it may stand for colors, because the new device will come with colors; and it may be a letter representingType-C port. Mi 4c is the first Mi phone having this cool feature. Besides, Mi 4c will be also be the first Mi phone using a new packaging plan. Till now, we disclosed some important facts of the device we’re launching today. Mi 4c, is powered by Snapdragon 808 Soc and comes with USB Type-C port. Mi 4c has a 5MP front facing camera,which will make it easier for group photos. You can find sample photos of Mi 4c rear camera here. When speaking of other features, what we’ve known include dual Sim dual Standby, tap the screen twice to awake it, and some other features. Stay tuned with us. More details are coming.

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