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Jazz up your life with top Android paid apps

Android Apps

Android is the strongest competitor of Apple iOS and has been giving a toughest time from the day first. Like the Android phones android app store is serving the tech savvy’s in the best possible way. It has been reported that the Android market has grabbed the shares of Apple iTunes. Most of the tech lovers know much about free android apps but this article will reveal top Android paid apps that are beneficial as well as fun for the users.

DroidBox Pro:

Android user can get immediate access to their DropBox account by paying only $1.99 for the Droidbox. This application offers a complete control and access to the DropBox account with features like upload, download, delete and rename anything. Its innovative and functional download manger enables you to do whatever you want. Similarly, the intuitive and spontaneous file manager helps you to open the files in a way you want.


This android app has introduced the mobile automation trend by enabling the users to control their handsets by location, battery status, time and mores. In short, this app creates a whole set of standards for your Android phone to follow involuntarily or automatically. Some of the renowned Android hardware users like Motorola are imitating the finest features of Tasker. However, unfortunately none of the feature can offer a great control like the Android Tasker. It costs only £3.99.

Documents To- Go:

If you are an office man and is bound to access the documents like PDFs, PowerPoint or Excel then you must have to invest in this app. It only demands $14.99 and facilitate you to edit and read all the famous and highly sought after computer file formats. Now, you don’t have to get worried about the important office files because you can access it while on the move as well.


It is the best alternative of iOS photocopier app and is much advance, simple and stylish. This app will make you able to copy the web pages and save it to read later at your luxurious time without connecting internet. With just £1.93, this app carries the option to modify the text, colors and font with an aim to make things clearer and give a more Kindle like presentation to it. It is best for people who have to travel a lot and have piles of mails to catch up every day.


The Spotify Android app has taken the whole Europe and nearby areas by storm. Apart from the latest stuff you can get the music across the globe just with an exchange of £9.99 for the whole month. If you are not within your WiFi range the working of Spotify will not be harmed even by an inch. Moreover, you can access your entire playlist smoothly without any glitches.

  1. I was looking for application to watch movies from my PC without the copying it to my Galaxy Tab.
    I have found one useful application: ArkMC DLNA/UPnP Media servers. It works fine with my purposes.

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Keep Up to Date with the Most Important News

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