Jeff Gordon explains the HTC One M8’s useless black bar

HTC One M8 was launched just last week and like we have said in the past, it has to be one of the more beautifully designed Android handsets we’ve seen to date. The phone is made entirely from metal, features front-facing BoomSound speakers, and a Full HD 1080p display to top things off. However it seems that there is one particular feature about the phone’s design that some have been curious about and might have even criticized HTC about, and it is the black bar at the bottom of the phone where HTC’s logo is situated.

The new HTC One (M8) caused quite a storm when it officially launched last month with what appears to be an awfully large amount of ‘free space’ below the screen. Many people suggested that this space was left clear and embossed with an HTC logo, so that the multinational corporation could promote its company in a bolder manner. However, Jeff Gordon, Senior Global Online Communications Manager at HTC, took to Twitter earlier today to bring to our attention that it’s not just ‘empty’ space below the screen on the M8 where the HTC logo sits. It is, in fact, a secluded area in which the antenna, GPS chip and a relatively large amount of the handset’s circuitry is enclosed. This design technique allows the development team at HTC to keep the overall thickness of the M8 incredibly small, measuring in at just 0.37 inches.

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