Kanye West is making a video game about one of his songs


The beauty about games is that you can make them about anything, but that’s what sucks about games too at times. Kanye West has hinted that there’s going to be a video game made about his recent single, “Only One.” This is undoubtedly due to the success of his wife’s, Kim Kardashian, own stupidly successful game. 

Kanye West is getting closer to world domination by making a video game. West stopped by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club yesterday to talk about his Adidas fashion line, his upcoming album, and Kim Kardashian. Near the very end of the interview, he slyly mentioned that he’s working on a video game based on his recent single, “Only One.” The hour-long interview contains some nice Kanye tidbits — he wants to work with Disney and called his new track “Wolves” a “post-Drake” song — but the most interesting moment was when West mentioned the video game, which will be imagined and designed by Yeezy himself. Its inspiration, “Only One,” imagines a conversation between West’s daughter and his mother, who died in 2007.

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