Karma Eventually Catches Up With Gizmodo



If there’s a textbook definition of karma, it might be Gizmodo Editorial Director Brian Lam leaving his phone in a bar or restaurant, and someone finding it and holding it hostage, demanding cash in exchange for the safe return of the phone.

Well, that didn’t happen here. But it’s pretty close.

Brian Lam was foolish enough to send a tweet on Friday saying he left his phone at lunch and a woman was kind enough to hand the phone in.

As we all remember, Gizmodo paid a huge amount of money for a “lost” iPhone 4 prototype left in a bar by an Apple employee.

Lam’s Twitter account is now protected, but John Gruber posted a screenshot of the tweet to Flickr to preserve the moment.

While it’s nice that this story has a happy ending, more than a couple of people would have loved to a see a high profile member of the Gizmodo team get some karma.

What do you think?

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