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Kindle Ad Burns The iPad In Direct Sunlight

I’m a fan of the Kindle, I really am. With books on the whole going by the wayside, the Kindle is the closest I and my ilk will be able to get to a traditional reading experience over the next few decades. But that’s okay – that e-ink screen is just the cat’s ass once you use it IRL for the first time. Never change, Kindle. You’re just what you need to be.

But Kindle never was one to proudly take its place in the tech ecosystem, and this latest TV spot sort of just makes Amazon seem sorta douchey.

The ad stresses the fact that an iPad is virtually unreadable in direct sunlight, much unlike a Kindle.

Okay, Kindle, now what? No doubt, you’re the best at what you do, and I love you for it. But are you seriously spending these advertising dollars on trying to equate yourself to an iPad? Really? Yeah, you’re only 139 bucks, and that’s totally rad. And yes, the iPad is total crap in sunlight. This is an undeniable axiom. But sometimes, I want to play Plants vs. Zombies. And if I were crazy enough to buy an iPad in the first place, I’d probably be willing to sacrifice the poolside device-flashing for it.

What do you think?

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