Kingston Digital has announced the new MobileLite Wireless G2

Kingston Digital, the flash memory affiliate of Kingston Technology Company, the independent world leader in memory products, has announced the MobileLite Wireless G2. Shipping later this month, MobileLite Wireless G2 allows smartphone and tablet users to extend onboard device storage and stream and share content with multiple users. Additionally, the ultra-portable MobileLite Wireless G2 has a 4640 mAh 3.8v battery for mobile charging and a direct Ethernet port for wireless Internet routing, Wi-Fi bridging. The USB port also allows 3G dongle support.

When one talks about Kingston, most of the time, we would think about the company behind memory cards as well as flash memory, but this time around, Kingston has announced what they call the MobileLite Wireless G2. The MobileLite Wireless G2 is all set to ship later this month, where both smartphone as well as tablet users will be able to extend their onboard device storage as well as stream and share content with multiple users. Not only that, the MobileLite Wireless G2 is extremely portable in nature, sporting a 4,640mAh 3.8v battery that paves the way for mobile charging as well as sporting a direct Ethernet port that delivers wireless Internet routing and Wi-Fi bridging capabilities. Not only that, the USB port would also pave the way for 3G dongle support.

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